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Tom Shafer, SCRA

On running for coroner

Tom Shafer,
 speaking at the 1/2/12 SCRA Meeting
February 2012 GunNews

Tom Shafer, SCRA

Our own Tom Shafer spoke about his candidacy for Sangamon County Coroner after GSL President John Boch praised his candidacy by saying, "Tom would make an outstanding coroner!"

Tom launched his presentation with, "It's a tough county, brother."

Tom says he's running against William Cellini's money as Cellini, despite his felony convictions on extortion and bribery charges, remains the treasurer of the Sangamon County Republican Foundation.  "Outrageous is what it is!"

Tom said he's gotten nowhere in his quest for support from the local Republicans, with the exception of embarrassing some of them when calling to ask for consideration after Susan Boone resigned in disgrace last spring from her position as Sangamon County Coroner.

Tom said he went to a local, high-profile trial "where this nutty Dr. Jessica Bowman woman, the pathologist hired by Boone, sat up there and couldn't tell day from night, spelling words left and right like she was in the second grade and totally laughed at by the jury."

Boone's ineptitude was legenday, "and Cellini money helps get this kind of people elected and I'm supposed to sit back and look at this and say that this is okay?  I don't think so!"

Shafer continued, "It could be your loved one, or your grandchild who's killed and they can't even find out a cause of death and we're supposed to sit back and say, "that's okay?"

So, Shafer explains, Boone screws up a bunch of murder cases and in-custody deaths and gets the county sued before leaving while under a criminal investigation for official misconduct.

Tom put in for the job and they wouldn't even interview him.

The woman selected by the Sangamon County Republicans was Cinda Edwards, whose husband is an insider in the Sangamon County Republican Party.  "She didn't even want the position!" Shafer crowed.

"Look, I'm sick of this kind of treatment in this county.  It's outrageous that somebody like me with no money and a big mouth has to come forward and say the way that it really is!"

Tom received a huge round of applause from the audience.

He has been going to 100 houses a day since he filed on the 5th of November.  He has talked to a lot of people and says they are mad.  "They know this woman got the job thanks to her political insider husband!"

"We're going to go right back to the same old boat."

When he goes door to door, Tom doesn't sugar coat it.  He was born and raised in Sangamon county and his eyes have been wide open for a long time.  "It's not their county," Shafer noted.  "It's our county."

If elected, Tom pledges to lie for no one and to work hard for the citizens of the county who will look to Tom to do a grim, difficult job, not to cover things up.

The primary is March 20th and Tom would appreciate your vote.  Bring somebody with you and pull a republican ballot and vote for Tom Shafer.  Tom received another huge round of applause.

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