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Mobile phone technology has been progressing so fast that even 5 years make a huge difference. Electrical engineering has many subdisciplines, the most common of which are listed below. Although there are electrical engineers who focus exclusively on one of these subdisciplines, many deal with a combination of them. Sometimes certain fields, such as electronic engineering and computer engineering , are considered separate disciplines in their own right. Decisions Concerning Technology Specifications Many types of IC technology were developed in the 1970s. The members of the TAC discussed the technologies available and then decided to obtain low power, high-density technology that would provide sub-micron development potential. The complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) was thus selected as the technology to be developed. This decision successfully led Taiwan to the sub-micron technology level in 1992. The key point of their idea was to introduce China-made consumer electronic products into Australia. This idea was rather unbelievable to almost everyone in the early 1990s. China was then known as a country where the development of consumer electronics manufacturing, including the production of televisions, had just started and not many families had many electronic products. At that time, people in China were believed to favour imported electronic products, rather than China-made products. As skilled adventurers, however, the Pebble founders did not follow many pessimistic hearsay accounts of China and post-1989 Chinese politics, which consumed the precious time of many new Chinese migrants, but gave their attention to electronic industries and markets in both China and Australia. They soon identified the gap that existed between what was happening in Australia and what was happening in China’s electronic industry. Internet simply put, is a cloud based medium that enable dissemination of information internationally among millions of users through a network connecting computers and other compatible gadgets. The information could be accessed in a written form through electronic mail, videos, instant messaging, video chat, audio message, pictorially etc. Before I show you the macOS-inspired Linux distributions, I’d like to mention Pear OS. Both programs provide a serious focus on the safety principles behind working with electricity and electrical equipment. These principles cover situations both in terms of personal protection and best practices for installation. The design of electrical systems is just as important as proper installation when it comes to preventing fires or electrical accidents.