Hank Strange on Compromise & Surrender Within the “Pro” 2A Community ~ VIDEO

Editor Note: Second Amendment rights activist and Podcaster, Hank Strange, pulls no punches in his response to a recent OP-ED titled “Ending the Culture War & Starting a Productive Conversation” that recently appeared on AmmoLand News that called for gun owners to settle for compromise and work with the anti-gun side.

U.S.A. –  My first reaction to this Op-Ed on Facebook earlier today, Monday, March 29th, 2021.

After talking it over with my peers and going over the text from the article yet another time, I’ve come to this conclusion about the Opinion that Rob Pincus recently published in Ammoland News:

No I’m not still mad at AmmoLand News for publishing it, because there is merit to the idea that: we all now know what Rob thinks of all us in the [Second Amendment] Community.

I just wish AmmoLand News would have given someone a chance to counter this opinion before it was published. And Yeah I still believe it’s a nonsense-filled double-speak Job-pitch to the current White House.

Perhaps a misguided attempt to sit on some committee for the next 10 years and get paid to pretend “to cut the number of gun deaths in the U.S. in half in 10 years by keeping guns out of the wrong hands” you know by “keeping all guns from certain people (the people almost everyone already agrees should not have them).”

Those words are repeated so much in this rambling manifesto it’s disturbing. Who are these “certain people” and when did we agree they shouldn’t have guns? The worst part is the assertion that we can “substantially reduce gun homicides in urban communities by cracking down on a small number of gun dealers that are clearly bad actors.”

If these FFL’s are bad actors why hasn’t the ATF locked them up? Maybe Rob hasn’t filled the ATF in on this “Urban” menace yet? I could chalk that up to the ramblings of a madman, however a madman in a suit that the industry and media tend to give voice and credibility to is not a comforting notion to me.

About Hank Strange

Hank Strange is an Enthusiastic Supporter of The Second Amendment, An Avid Filmmaker, Writer, Blogger, Music Producer, and Digital Artist: Hank is a Prolific YouTube Content Creator having Published over 1000 Videos to date relating to Lifestyle in the realms of Firearms, Cars, and Technology. A Proud American Citizen Since 2003 Hank was born of Mixed Race Parentage (his Father having African Ancestry and his Mother being of East Indian Ancestry amongst others) in Guyana, South America. He has traveled to a few places in the world with his Family living in London, England, and Nigeria in West Africa before settling in NYC.

Hank & His Wife Lola are both Federal Firearms Licensees and currently live and work in Florida. Passionately Pursuing The Lifestyles Of The Locked And Loaded! Tune in to the daily Gun Culture News “Podshow” Who Moved my Freedom Podcast (WMMF) on the LIfestyles of the Locked and Loaded youtube channel. Hank’s work can also be seen on www.youtube.com/user/hankstrange/featured, Facebook www.facebook.com/hank.strange.77, Instagram instagram.com/hankstrange, his Personal Blog hankstrange.com, and other Social Media.

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