March 2, 2021


Back then companies that create and design complex electrical component used to manufacture equipment themselves. While it was noted that there was a lower incidence of dementia in areas with higher amounts of lithium in the water, just like the Danish study, when the researchers controlled for other factors, such as age, access to health care and ethnicity, there was no difference. While stationed on over 11 different Mars bases, she worked on software programs that were used to link cyborg technology with test subjects and soul transfer stations and chambers. Some of these bases are essentially human meat labs where body parts are harvested from abducted humans for use as cybernetic implants and parts. These are the kinds of stories of the Crimes Against Humanity scenarios conveniently left out of Corey Goode’s more romanticized version of the Secret Space Program. The cybernetic Super Soldiers created in these labs are … Read the rest

IPod Compatibility IPod Compatibility 1 min read

The rapid technological advancements in the last few decades have opened up the possibility to transform the wrist watch into a device that is capable of doing a lot more than keeping time. It has discovered, video, podcast, newsletter sections in the main menu. It has trending news column to the right. The discover section has Popular, Surprising science, Personal growth, Mind & brain, Sex & relationship, Technology & Innovation, Culture & Religion, Politics & current affair sections. Videos section has scroll sensitive autoplay videos starting with trending to less important ones. You will also ear that you can run Windows on a Mac. This is true. But you will have to pay between 150$ and 500$ for a Windows license to install it on your computer that already cost you 1.5 times more. And if you don’t really need a Mac and are used to Windows, you will find … Read the rest