New Technology Pushes Mobile Phones Forward

Digital electronics are those systems that use a digital signal instead of an analog signal. The ‘special prowess’ that Ding could use to pursue her goal was her professional writing skills. She wrote to inform the manufacturer of the problem and persuade them to create some products for international markets. As an experienced writer of propaganda, Ding knew how to write a long and persuasive letter to Konka. In the letter, which was longer than 10,000 words, the urgency to develop China’s national industries and the timing for the consumer electronics industry to take decisive actions to open up markets were all emphasised. This was why some joked that the Konka people might have thought the letter was from the government in Beijing. Mil specs for materials have often been replaced with ASTM and SAE standards. Later on in his established career, he wanted to explore electrical devices. His board … Read the rest

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