November 28, 2020

Future Technology

The election results will start to come in as early as 7pm Eastern Time on Tuesday, when seven states begin closing the polls. The next few hours will see more polls close around the country, more votes processed, more counts updated. But we won’t have the final result that night.

This isn’t unusual: In the US, counting votes and officially certifying them always goes on longer than Election Day, and the coronavirus means the counting will probably take longer than typical. But on Sunday, Axios reported that President Trump intends to prematurely declare victory if it looks like he’s leading in the early returns, even if there are still millions of votes left to be counted. He has denied this specific claim, but it is in line with his long campaign to undermine the legitimacy of the election, and matches his promise to use lawyers to stop ballot … Read the rest


  • Newegg is bringing back its Black November sales event in 2020.
  • In addition to offering deals on electronics all month long, Newegg is also extending the return window for products and offering price protection on all purchases.
  • The Newegg Black November sale kicks off this Sunday with the site’s “most aggressive deals.”

One of the most stressful things about Black Friday is that you don’t have much time to decide whether or not you really need to shell out for a new computer or a new TV. Not only do many of the best sales last for just a day or two, but the best deals sell out in minutes, so you have to constantly be at the ready. Thankfully, not all retailers wait until the day after Thanksgiving to start offering great deals. Some, like Newegg, use the whole month.

On Friday, Newegg confirmed that its annual Black … Read the rest


Ah, the ’80s. I wasn’t alive for much of it, but there’s a good chance a lot of you reading this were, so no doubt you remember the rise of Polaroid. We own some of the best digital cameras out there, but still have a soft spot for film. Instant print camera technology defined childhood for quite a lot of folks, and many will be happy to know that they’re still alive and kicking in the 21st century. They have an impressive array of cameras that expertly combine the nostalgia and fun of old with the new technology of today.

The new hotness


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Announced at CES 2019, the new OneStep+ camera is one of Polaroid’s latest instant cameras. It’s a step up from the OneStep 2 and the biggest improvement is the Bluetooth connectivity. With this device, you can download the Polaroid Originals app, connect it to

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Joe Biden released the list of his general election fundraisers after 90 million people had already voted. | Bastiaan Slabbers/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Biden only released the names after 90 million people have already voted.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden finally disclosed the roster of his biggest fundraisers on Saturday, unveiling the names of the 820 people who have helped him build a big-money juggernaut.

The list includes Biden surrogates like former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA); Hollywood filmmakers like Lee Daniels and Jeffrey Katzenberg; Silicon Valley billionaires like Reid Hoffman and Ron Conway. The campaign did not specify how much these individuals raised for Biden beyond that it was more than $100,000.

The release on Saturday evening came at the last possible moment: Election Day is on Tuesday, and more than 90 million Americans have already voted, having done so without clarity on … Read the rest


During the 2016 primary season, Trump campaign staffer Matt Braynard had an unusual political strategy. Instead of targeting Republican base voters—the ones who show up for every election—he focused on the intersection of two other groups: people who knew of Donald Trump, and people who had never voted in a primary before. These were both large groups. 

Because of his TV career and ability to court controversy, Trump was already a household name. Meanwhile, about half America’s potential voters, nearly 100 million people, don’t vote in presidential elections, let alone primaries. The overlap between the groups was significant. If Trump could mobilize even a small percentage of those people, he could clinch the nomination, and Braynard was willing to put in the work. 

His strategy, built from polls, research, and studies of voting behavior, focused on two goals in particular. The first was registering, engaging, educating, and turning out … Read the rest


Employing mobile computing technology for business operations can bring compelling benefits to any organization. Today Digital Electronics goes very fast in daily life. Every buddy use the digital devices for their personal and business use and also for making the communication channels. This book gives the information about the various digital electronics devices and their use in details. Some UCLA wireless initiatives are already changing lives. About three years ago, Maxim Batalin, associate director of UCLA Engineering’s Institute for Technology Advancement, created an app for off-the-shelf heart monitoring devices that could remotely chart the activity and stress levels of emergency responders, who carry a high risk of heart attack due to their professions. All of these technological advances have led to the average computer user being able to access millions of bytes of information ready to be downloaded at their fingertips. Video and audio data files that once took hours … Read the rest


Back then companies that create and design complex electrical component used to manufacture equipment themselves. Since I’ve never gone to school for computers, most of my knowledge has been amassed by having to read PC books, asking help of other computer savvy friends or in some cases, resorting to an outside source to help me.Throughout the years it became clear to me that there were some things worth trying to fix myself, and other things I needed to call in an expert for. After all, we can’t all be good at all things, and fixing computers is definitely not my bag. With the invention of recovery disks and the (sometimes) better support you can receive for your computers and printers, getting help has become a little easier over the years, but it can still be nerve racking sitting on the phone talking, and holding, and talking and holding- with tech … Read the rest


Even though the modern electric utility industry didn’t begin until the late 1800s, we have been fascinated by electricity since our ancestors first witnessed lightning. thank you this really helps me to know how bad cell phones can hurt you. They’re mostly used by people that use Linux or macOS. I won’t call Linux virus proof, because there’s no such thing (with the exception of a mechanical cash register, that just barely qualifies as a computer), but you are far less likely to encounter Linux viruses than those for Windows or Mac OS. ASTM E3001-15 is the standard for workplace education on nanotechnology characterization, teaching individuals who will be working with nano meter-scale materials. Parallels Desktop for Mac is the first solution that gives Apple users the ability to run Windows, Linux or any other operating system and their critical applications at the same time as Mac OS X on … Read the rest


The history of gadgets spans as far back as humanity itself – since hominids began creating tools to make their lives easier. Electronics is a field of engineering and applied physics that grew out of the study and application of electricity Electricity concerns the generation and transmission of power and uses metal conductors. Electronics manipulates the flow of electrons in a variety of ways and accomplishes this by using gases, materials like silicon and germanium that are semiconductors, and other devices like solar cells, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), masers, lasers, and microwave tubes. Electronics applications include radio , radar , television , communications systems and satellites, navigation aids and systems, control systems , space exploration vehicles, microdevices like watches, many appliances, and computers. Professor Shattock was speaking at a recent Imperial College Academic Health Science Centre (AHSC) COVID-19 online seminar series which took place earlier this month. Greater accuracy: Field mobility … Read the rest


The uses of computers today are as diverse as the forms of computers that exist in the market. Proponents also feel nuclear power leaves a smaller carbon footprint, because its waste can often be reprocessed to produce more energy, and whatever is leftover can be, they say, safely stored in deep repositories. The waste from an entire lifetime of use, the industries say, would only be large enough to fill a bottle of designer water. Because the futuristic technology being used is so invasive of privacy, its use against people like me is a major breach of federal and state privacy laws, civil liberties and human rights. When you’re young, you may not give nutrition much thought. But what you eat as a young adult can affect your energy, your appearance and your health. It’s important that you eat a variety of foods from all the food groups so that … Read the rest