Judiciary Delays Chipman Vote; 2A Activists Flood Capitol Switchboards

A vote on the nomination of David Chipman to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has been delayed until Thursday, June 24 by the Senate Judiciary Committee. (Screen snip, YouTube, Sen. Mike Lee)

U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- The Senate Judiciary Committee has delayed voting on the nomination of retired federal agent-turned-gun control advocate David Chipman one week, until Thursday, June 24, and during that time, grassroots Second Amendment activists are expected to be flooding Capitol Hill with messages of opposition.

“Between now and next Thursday,” suggested Jason Ouimet, executive director of the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action, “(gun owners) ought to be contacting their Senators. They don’t want a partisan person like David Chipman running ATF.”

Ouimet spoke with AmmoLand News via telephone, expressing alarm that a nominee with Chipman’s background would be considered for the job of running the government’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and … Read the rest

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‘Battle Over Gun Control Emerging as 2022 Campaign Issue,’ Says Report

Gun control, according to The Hill, is officially a major campaign issue heading into 2022

U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- It is now official; according to The Hill, “The battle over gun control is emerging as a campaign issue heading into the midterms as gun violence rises in the U.S.”

The report says Republicans blame “progressive efforts to reform and in some cases direct funds away from police departments.” Translation: Efforts in various cities to “Defund Police” have resulted in some agencies losing demoralized officers to other jurisdictions.

By contrast, Democrats contend that “gun policies are at the heart of the issue,” The Hill says.

The story quotes Michael Lawlor, a criminal justice professor at the University of New Haven, who asserts, “At the moment there’s so many examples of irresponsible gun ownership, people having easy access to guns. It sort of makes the case.”

Lawlor “also served as a Democratic member of … Read the rest

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Activists Energize to Derail Chipman; Senate Judiciary Vote Thursday

David Chipman is a gun-control extremist. IMG NRA-ILA

U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- Gun rights activists across the nation are mobilizing a last-ditch effort to derail the nomination of David Chipman—the former federal agent-turned-gun control advocate and senior advisor to the gun prohibition lobby—to head the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote on Chipman’s nomination Thursday. Gun Owners of America (GOA) has prepared an online way to contact members of the Senate Committee and your own senators if they are not members of the committee here.


Chipman, who has been working for the Giffords, one of the nation’s most outspoken gun control lobbying organizations, has acknowledged he supports a ban on America’s most popular modern sporting rifle. Yet, under questioning by members of the Judiciary Committee, he could not easily define the so-called “assault … Read the rest

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CA Mayor Seeks to Mandate Insurance, ‘Violence’ Tax on ‘Law-Abiding’ Gun Owners

Birds of a feather: San Jose Mayor Liccardo and CA Rep. Eric Swalwell look forward to nuking your right to keep and bear arms. (Sam Liccardo/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “Nearly two weeks after a gunman fatally shot nine coworkers at a San Jose light rail yard, the mayor of Northern California’s most populous city is proposing first-of-its-kind gun safety restrictions that would require gun owners in the city to obtain insurance and pay an annual fee to cover the cost of gun violence,” CNN “reports.”

I put “reports” in quotation marks because even though the story is presented as news, it’s really an advocacy piece, the first telltale sign being the editorial assertion that these latest infringements have anything to do with “gun safety.” To give the pretext of “balance,” several paragraphs down in the article CNN quoted Gun Owners of California executive director Sam Parades raising preemption objectives, noting … Read the rest

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Leak Shows People Being Added to Prohibited List Without Due Process

Leak Shows People Being Added to Prohibited List Without Due Process (Dave Workman)

WASHINGTON, D.C. –-(Ammoland.com)-Can you be added to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) “Prohibited” list without being convicted of a crime? According to leaked documents received by AmmoLand News, the answer appears to be “yes.”

The document in question is called “Guidance for Requesting a Submission of the NICS Indices Unlawful User/Addicted of a Controlled Substance Files.” It lets law enforcement officials add suspects to the prohibited list even if the subject hasn’t been convicted of a drug charge. Most gun owners are not aware that they can lose their gun rights without a court convicting them of a drug crime. This expanded power brings up a concern that the ability to add a suspect to the NICS Indices violates a person’s right to due process.

The NICS Indices is a list of people prohibited

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Pvt. Martin Teahan’s M1 Found 72 Years after D-Day

By Jim Farrell

Private Martin Teahan’s M1 Garand Engraved Name
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

East Brunswick, NJ USA –  -(Ammoland.com)- If I were to report the facts, I would tell you Private Martin Teahan of HQ Company, 1st Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR), died on June 6, 1944, near a church in Picauville, Normandy.

While scouting a position, he was shot in the leg, captured, and then killed by a German soldier who thought he was reaching for a weapon.

A few weeks after D-Day, a French farmer in the area found a rifle with the name M. Teahan engraved on the butt of the rifle. No one knew what the farmer did with the rifle for 72 years, until it was discovered this February by a French Army Paratrooper Commander named Colonel Patrick Collet.

Those are the facts, but the story associated with the rifle tugs on something much

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Are Single-Stack CCW Handguns Obsolete? ~ VIDEO

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- Full disclosure, while I may have learned to shoot on an old Gen 2 Glock 17, my first quality handgun was a mil-spec M1911 chambered in .45 ACP. So, don’t mistake my opinions for those of someone totally enamored with plastic fantastic tactical Tupperware. That said, the title is a valid question. Are single-stack handguns obsolete in the era of ever-shrinking compact polymer-framed handguns feeding from capacious magazines?

Simply put, no – but also yes. At least sort of.

Let me explain.

While the proliferation of super-compact handguns like the SIG P365 or the Springfield Hellcat might make single-stack compact guns seem less appealing, there are subjective, often intangible factors that influence whether or not a gun is well-suited for a particular individual.

That’s because while capacity is very important for concealed carry handguns, it’s merely an aspect of the ideal concealed carry equation that each shooter much … Read the rest

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CA Gun Ruling Impact May Be Bigger than Expected Regardless of Appeal

CA Gun Ruling Impact May Be Bigger than Expected Regardless of Appeal

U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- Writing at Fox News, attorney Jonathan Turley—the Shapiro professor of public interest law at George Washington University—made a couple of critical observations in the wake of last Friday’s ruling by federal Judge Roger T. Benitez in Miller v. Bonta, which struck down California’s long standing ban on so-called “assault weapons” as unconstitutional.

The case will certainly be appealed, and the judge stayed his ruling for 30 days to allow California Attorney General Rob Bonta time to file. It is a case that could wind its way to the U.S. Supreme Court, with a 6-3 conservative majority, and the gun prohibition lobby is already having fits. The next year could reinforce the importance of voting in presidential elections, for it is the person in the Oval Office who makes nominations for federal court vacancies.

Turley, a … Read the rest

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