January 17, 2021


The adverts linked to crypto scams (Credits: Getty Images)

Bitcoin has topped $30,000 for the first time in its history, extending a rally that has seen the digital currency climb by 300% in 2020.

On Saturday, January 2nd, Bitcoin rose to $31,824 as more and more traders began to invest in it.

Many believe that Bitcoin could now emerge as a mainstream payment method following the global pandemic.

Some used it has a safe haven during the volitility of the pandemic last year – causing it to surge in value. By mid-December it had risen in value to $20,000.

The origins of Bitcoin mean there’s a finite supply so, similar to gold, it can’t be changed by inflationary measures like quantitative easing. What’s more, because bitcoin is decentralised, it doesn’t come under the control of any one government or entity.

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With the proliferation of streaming services, each studio is starting to take back the rights to its own content and lock it away behind a paywall. That makes the idea of building up your own media collection even more appealing. Instead of paying $5 to $10 per service per month for the rest of your life (ok, maybe not, but you get the idea), why not spend a little upfront to buy your favorite shows in digital HD?

One such show that just had its streaming rights reclaimed by its owner is The Office. Fortunately, it is down to just $29.99 at iTunes right now giving you the chance to score one of the best prices ever on it there. It usually goes for $70 and rarely drops from that price, so you’re saving over half.

Your purchase of The Office in digital HD includes all nine seasons of

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  • LG announced it would showcase at CES 2021 the world’s first 48-inch OLED screen that can bend whenever the users require it.
  • Aside from bending on command, the display features under-display sound technology, or LG’s Cinematic Sound OLED (CSO).
  • The 48-inch display doesn’t have a price or release date.

In any other year, early January would bring us the busiest trade show of the year, the annual Consumer Electronics Show event where various new technologies and gadgets are unveiled. But the novel coronavirus ruined all that. In-person events are still very risky, so CES will happen online. That’s to say, most tech companies that would be present in person in Las Vegas during regular CES shows will have their own announcements scattered throughout mid-January. The All-Digital CES 2021 event will take place between January 11th and January 14th. But some of them might make several announcements ahead of the period … Read the rest


Spaceflight in 2020 did not go as planned. Like nearly everything else in the world, space activity was hit hard by the pandemic. Last year we listed the seven space missions that we were most excited to see take flight throughout 2020. Some of those went brilliantly: SpaceX sent astronauts into space! China brought moon rocks back to Earth! But unfortunately, a lot of other stuff didn’t happen: Europe and Russia’s Rosalind Franklin rover got delayed to 2022. SpaceX’s Starship did not go into space (thought it did go high). Artemis 1, the first mission in NASA’s new lunar exploration program that’s supposed to return people to the moon later this decade, didn’t happen. 

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Adobe Flash is no more (Getty Images)

As of December 31, 2020, Adobe officially stopped support for Flash – the browser plugin that helped define the early internet.

The company announced it would be killing off Flash in 2017, but the time has finally come.

Adobe won’t provide any new security updates and is actively encouraging people to uninstall it.

It will also stop videos and animations running in Flash Player from January 12, 2021.

The plug-in was first created way back in 1996 and became a pillar of the internet by allowing people to stream videos and animations within the browser.

Animator David Firth told the BBC: ‘You could make a full three-minute animation with multiple characters, backgrounds, sounds and music less than 2 megabytes (MB) and viewable from within the browser.’

What is Flash?

The Flash Player logo
At its height, Flash was installed on 99% of internet-connected PCs (Adobe)
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You know the drill — you’re playing your game, and then suddenly, it seems like everything just stops, and you find yourself having to fix a frozen Nintendo Switch. You hope maybe it’s just an excruciating long loading screen, but sometimes the reality is your Switch is frozen. If you’re ever in that predicament, then here’s what you need to do, and don’t let it ruin your gaming session!

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Put your Switch back in its dock

The act of docking and undocking your Switch will briefly interrupt just about everything happening on the console. You barely notice it because it happens so fast, but there’s a brief stutter where the console makes that switch (I regret nothing) from one state to another.

If your Switch is frozen, dock

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  • The Galaxy S21 will be the first model in the series to support a feature seen so far only on the Galaxy Note and certain tablets, the S Pen stylus.
  • The stylus will work only on the S21 Ultra, but the S21 series will also steal another feature from the Note 20 series.
  • According to a new leak, the Galaxy S21 phones will not support microSD cards.

It’s January 1st, 2021, and while we’ve escaped the horrific 2020, the fact remains that the novel coronavirus pandemic will still dominate everything we do for the foreseeable future. Life, as we knew it before COVID-19, will not come back right away, and the pandemic will continue to impact the seasonality of tech events. Samsung seems to be the first company ready to make a big change to adapt to the new normal. The Galaxy S21 will be unveiled in less than two Read the rest


Valerie Fitzhugh has watched the news a lot more over the past four years, certainly more than she remembers doing at any other point in her life. In the first months of the pandemic, she kept hearing one message, from news outlet to news outlet, that she couldn’t stop thinking about: there weren’t enough people of color, particularly Black people, participating in clinical trials for the wave of potentially life-saving vaccines for covid-19. So she signed up for one. 

Fitzhugh is a physician, and an associate professor of pathology, immunology, and laboratory medicine at Rutgers University. But participating in the trial felt like a different sort of calling. 

“I thought to myself, if I could shut in this moment, show people who look like me that clinical trials are completely different things than the way my people were experimented on all those years ago,” she says. But as Fitzhugh watched … Read the rest


Torontonians gather to appreciate their very own monolith (Credits: Christopher Drost/SHIFT digital via ZUMA Wire/REX)

As the world welcomes in 2021, Canada is harking back to one of 2020’s strangest phenomenons – the random appearances of strange alien monoliths.

The sightings started in November 2020 and grew until it seemed like there was a new one each week.

Now, Toronto has joined in on monolith mania as one of the structures mysteriously appeared there on New Year’s Eve.

It appeared in the city’s Humber Bay Shores neighbourhood and was discovered on Thursday morning. Local reports say it resembles the other monoliths: standing 12-feet tall and constructed from reflective silver metal. The reports also suggest it’s hollow.

‘Humber Bay got its own monolith overnight,’ one resident posted in the Humber Bay Shores Facebook group.

This isn’t the first monolith to appear in Canada. Others have apparently sprung up in … Read the rest


Best Answer: Surprisingly, yes, you can use a Pro Controller with the Nintendo Switch Lite. While the Nintendo Switch Lite is solely dedicated to handheld mode, you can still use the same controller accessories for it, including the Pro Controller and separate pairs of Joy-Cons.

Not bound to the built-in controllers on the Nintendo Switch Lite?

The Nintendo Switch Lite was built and optimized for handheld mode only, which is why the controllers are built-in and can’t be removed like the Joy-Cons. The built-in controllers also don’t support HD Rumble or have the IR Motion Cameras needed for motion controls. So you won’t be able to play games that use motion controls, such as Mario Party, Mario Kart,

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