December 2, 2020


If you are a Windows user like most people out there than you might have been thrilled after you heard that Microsoft came out with a brand-new operating system and that this operating system promised to solve many of the issues found in Windows Vista while improving on its look and performance. As nondefense demand for semiconductor components came to dominate industry demand, defense-civilian technology spillovers” declined in significance and reversed direction. By the late 1970s, military specification” semiconductor components often lagged behind their commercial counterparts in technical performance, although these milspec” components could operate in much more hostile” environments of high temperatures or vibration. Concern among US defense policymakers over this technology gap” resulted in the creation of the DoD Very High Speed Integrated Circuit program (VHSIC) in 1980, which sought to advance military semiconductor technology more rapidly. Originally planned for a 6-year period and budgeted at slightly more … Read the rest