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Petaling jaya,, selangor darul ehsan. It was formed to serve the increasing demands of the industries and the community. Our services consist of a range of products.

home automation and security system using android adk

Home security alarms range from expensive, professionally installed systems to simple, low-cost do-it-yourself designs. sangamoncorifleassociation Mix max aluminium & accessories sdn bhd is an aluminium accessories supplier company. Our main focus is providing professional engineering design services. Perfect aluminium sdn bhd specialised in aluminium materials, gypsum & ceiling board, brass & copper sheet, g.i. We supply an extensive range of aluminium extrusion products comprising standard extrusions, customized extrusions, engineering parts and fabrications. Alumac is set to provide high quality products and services as our core competitive strength. It is MALFORCE’s mission to provide dedicated, trained and professional security personnel, thus ensuring the security and safety of all property, employees and other persons on the client’s … Read the rest

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